Mercado de Surquillo – The Local Market Place

This is the place to go if you want to enjoy the rich and colorful tapestry of Peruvian everyday life. It is not a tourist site, it is just the local market for residents of the area. It is located about 5 blocks from the Plaza and Parque Kennedy in Miraflores. You should take local transportation (bus) or walk over here (a 10 minute walk on Av. Ricardo Palma over the bridge). Forget about finding a parking space on the crowded streets around the market.

Food and Shopping

You will find more variety of foods in Mercado de Surquillo than in the Central Market. It offers quality food for low prices. You will see a wide range of fresh Peruvian fruits, vegetables, spices, meat, chicken, and fish. There are also numerous food stalls for a quick meal or just a coffee or cold drink. For eating, however, most tourists prefer the Mercado de Magdalena, which has Northern Peruvian food and traditional Peruvian desserts.

It is also a good place for low price clothes, but don’t expect to find something out of the ordinary.