Cheap Hostels in San Cristobal?

At the bottom end of the hotel spectrum on the island San Cristobal in Galapagos, guide books usually mention the Hotel San Francisco. It is well-located with a seafront view just where the boats from Santa Cruz docks. Rooms are small, unattractive and cost around 25 bucks.

And there is Hostal Galapagos.

The Hostel You Want to Avoid


Hostal Galapagos is another budget alternative. Or, at least may seem so. This Galapagos hostel is a five-minute walk from Avenida Darwin on the Malecon. Rooms are not just small and unattractive, they are simply filthy and dirty. You will find bed linen with stains, small bugs and disgusting bathrooms. A room at this place will cost you 50 US Dollars!!

If you book through the agency which is number one scam player, Galahost will ask you to pay $70-$80. Adding 60% to your bill! Outrageous pricing, even for Galapagos. And insist you pay in advance through a bank account or through PayPal for this Galapagos hostel. Meaning, once you discover that the standard is totally unacceptable, it is too late. You will not have the kind of security that a credit card company might give you. Galahost will not respond to your complaints.

There is no reception or front desk at this place, just a printed page from a flyer on a door. You need a phone to call the landlady. On the other hand, don’t bother. It doesn’t matter how desperate you are, you don’t want to stay here.

This is rock bottom at San Cristobal. Stay away from both Galahost and Galapagos hostal