The Cheaper Travel Alternatives to Look for in 2015

Last year, there was a sharp rise in new websites focusing on peer-to-peer or sharing economy. This trend is likely to continue in 2015, making it easer than ever for budget travelers to find cheap accommodations, tours and meals. As an extra bonus, travelers often get in touch with locals and find an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Fellow Backpackers

In the old days, you had to rely on mouth-to-mouth information and meeting fellow backpackers at hostels, on trains, and buses. Information about cheap accommodations and travel was random and usually hard to come by. This scene has changed drastically with cell phones and Internet.

More Alternatives than Ever

Cheaper travel alternatives through peer-to-peer economy has empowered backpackers and let them bypass the typical travel agency and tour operator a lot easier.

A website like Airbnb connects users with a property or apartment to rent with travelers looking for a place to stay. Airbnb has over 1 million listings in 35,000 cities and 200 countries. It has been on-line since 2008, but has experienced a real boost with social media and mobile apps the last few years.

Camp-in-my-garden is the only Internet garden camping community. It was launched in 2011. As a member of this community you can advertise your own garden as a campsite and/or book accommodation in other community members’ gardens.

Hate Eating Alone?

EatWith is a global community that lets you enjoy dining experiences in people’s homes. It can be somewhat expensive in large cities, but you are invited somebody’s home and you are likely to get an experience to remember for life.

As example, in January, 2015, you could get an invitation to Jan Willem, Pacha Manca in the Peruvian Mountains and dine for $17 (USD).

Get in Touch with Local Guides

Vayable is another Internet platform. It connects you with passionate local insiders, ready to guide you and give you an experience out of the ordinary. By using Vayable, you help locals to earn a living from their passions, local knowledge and interests. You will most likely see places that official tours never include.

Basically, anyone can create an “experience” on Vayable as long as it meets their guidelines.